Do You Know The Difference?

Retreats, Vacations, Workshops…⁣

What makes a retreat a retreat?⁣

✨During a retreat, you’re creating an experience with a purpose.⁣

A retreat allows for plenty time to process and reflect on the information being taught and plenty of time to rest. One common mistake retreat leaders make is jam-packing the schedule, leaving participants feeling exhausted and in need of a vacation after the retreat. That’s the last thing we want! ⁣

The goal is to strike a perfect balance of activity, contemplation and downtime, giving people the opportunity for introspection and time to learn more about themselves.⁣

This is more than just a vacation, where the primary aim might be relaxation. There’s a purpose to promote self-inquiry and foster growth and change.⁣

A retreat isn’t meant to overwhelm participants with information, but to deliver lessons rather than full lectures. It’s also crucial to set aside personal downtime and time to work individually with participants, should you choose to do so.⁣

You might start a day by sharing material in the morning, allowing time for meals, lounging, massages, journaling, and then maybe offering experiential activities and group sharing circles later in the afternoon or evening. The intinerary is much more relaxed than a workshop event and a more intentional and structured than a vacation.⁣

✨At the end of the week, people will have been able to create meaningful relationships, learn more about themselves, they’ve been able to change their perspective on life and come home feeling rested and transformed!⁣

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