Got a Niche Offering?

Do you specialize in something when you teach? Do you lead workshops or trainings in something in particular that you’re passionate about?⁣

⁣Niche offerings are a great way to have your retreat stand out from the rest and get students’ attention.⁣

Do you offer reiki with your classes? Do you have a deep understanding of the energetic inner body? Maybe you specialize in health issues relating to women or have knowledge of and use aromatherapy in class. Some teachers specifically teach trauma-informed yoga, some in Bhakti yoga or even aerial yoga. ⁣

Your niche could be the reason you have an incredibly successful and profitable retreat. Perhaps you could even lead a destination training on your retreat, which is becoming more and more common these days. ⁣

Leading retreats can take your teaching to the next level, it can be a means of travel and it can be a great way to make money. ⁣

Are you ready to lead your next retreat? Set up a consultation call with me today to discuss full-service retreat planning or one-on-one coaching. I’m excited to make your retreat a reality!


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