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You’ve decided you’re ready to lead your own yoga retreat. You don’t know how or where to start, but you know you want it.⁣

Each relationship with my clients starts with a consultation call. You get to tell me about you, your students, where you’re thinking about going or if you don’t know- what are some things that are would be important to you in a retreat center. ⁣

⁣After our call, I’ll take some time to find the best options for you and we can reserve your week! This is where things get exciting.⁣

⁣Once you’ve decided where you’re going, I’ll build a site for your retreat where students can get information, sign up and pay. Afterwards I’ll get marketing material ready for you and send you postcards that you can hand out to your students after class and put around your studio. ⁣

⁣For international retreats, the planning process is about 10-12 months as retreat centers start to fill up that far in advance. During this time, I’ll be a liaison with the retreat center and the participants answering any and all questions. I offer my clients marketing coaching during this time if need be, help with gift bag set up, excursion set up and prepare you and your students with packing and travel/customs information so everyone is clear about what to expect.⁣

⁣I take care of wire transfers with the venue, room reservations, and relay any and all important details such as passport numbers, flight information, dietary restrictions, etc. I also make sure that airport shuttles are set to pick everyone up and take them back. ⁣

⁣With all of this off your shoulders, you simply get to show up, teach and make money.⁣

⁣Still feel like you need more support? I offer an option for chaperone services if you need an extra hand during your week. ⁣

⁣Leading a retreat doesn’t have to be stressful and you can rest assure that all the details are taken care of from beginning to end. Are you ready to lead a retreat? Set up a call with me and we can get the ball rolling today!


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