Retreat Timing

It’s important to be strategic about your timing when planning an international retreat, especially if you want to maximize your profits (which 99% of the people I talk to and work with do).

In this regard, the best time to lead a retreat is in the first three and the last two months of the year. 

Summer months don’t usually sell as well since kids are out of school/families are vacationing and in most places it’s already hot (people are much more motivated to go somewhere tropical when they know they’ll be freezing).

After the summer in many places down south is the rainy season, which can extend until the end of October.

Keeping in mind that retreat venues can start to fill up a year or more in advance and that having a whole year to plan and market usually yields the best results, one would be looking to lead a retreat Jan-March-ish 2024.

While doing venue research for some clients recently, I’ve found that many places are already booking into February and March so if you’re looking to lead your own retreat during these prime time months, I would suggest to start planning in the next month or two.

I love helping teachers and healers create incredible experiences for their students and showing them how to generate an extra stream of income through retreats. I’d love to get on a call with you to help you get your next retreat in motion


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