Successful Retreat Marketing

I’m sure it goes without saying, if your students don’t know that you’re leading a retreat, they won’t sign up. I’m always upfront with my clients that while I do marketing on my end as a retreat planner, the majority of the people who will sign up are your students. They are coming because they know you and trust you and want to spend a week or weekend with you. Would you sign up to retreat with someone you didn’t know?

Marketing a retreat doesn’t have to be difficult or overly time consuming, you just need to be consistent. You can certainly repurpose your marketing content and I suggest doing 1 post a week and 2 stories. This way you can rest assure that everyone sees your offering and sees that you are excited about it! 

Think about what it would take you to sign up for a retreat: the person your buying from is enthusiastic about their offering, it’s easy to get information and sign up and they are on your radar with regular reminders. 

Marketing your retreat can be an easy and genuine experience and when you consider that it’s entirely possible to make $10-20k, it’s worth the time and effort. I love to coach teachers on easy and effective ways to get the word out about their retreats and it doesn’t have to feel spammy or pushy. 

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