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Panacea Retreats executed 4 international retreats in the last month and they all went off without a hitch. One of my clients, who is an experienced retreat leader, said to me, “the bar has been set high, we need to continue to offer this same level of service” and I (obviously) couldn’t agree more.

So what did all of these retreats have in common? Why were they all so successful? Why were the hosts AND the students so satisfied?

We chose venues that supported us. We chose venues that A.) helped the teacher take care of everything so they could be present for their group and B.) were in alignment with the needs of the attendees.

I take my venue research very seriously, I will scour websites from top to bottom, get on zoom calls with venue owners, and I’m very meticulous about what questions to ask to make sure that the venue will be working for us and not the other way around.

Because we found venues that took care of all of our needs (and were receptive when we asked them for additional assistance), the teachers could relax and be 100% engaged with their group and the students didn’t have to ask for a thing because we had already anticipated their needs.

Make sure you’re looking for venues that are responsive to your emails, upfront with the information you need, courteous in their communication and have good reviews on Trip Advisor.

Because we were particular about important things (that often times new retreat leaders miss) we picked venues that worked for us and made a positive lasting impression on the participants. Happy retreat attendees will come back for the next one and most likely invite a friend or family member.

If you’re interested working together to plan your next retreat, send me a reply to this email and let me know!


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