The Importance of T’s and C’s

These are just a few of the things that should be included in your T’s and C’s. It’s so important to protect yourself when leading a retreat and one of the most commonly overlooked things.⁣

⁣I can’t tell you how many retreat pages I’ve seen with just “PayPal the money here” and no other information, no legal paperwork to e-sign, no set rules to abide by, nothing. This is dangerous.⁣

⁣What if someone wants to cancel after you’ve already paid the retreat venue? What if someone gets hurt while you’re teaching class? What if someone gets hurt on your trip? What if a hurricane comes and the trip gets cancelled and no one can get their money back? Did you tell people to get travel insurance? Did you tell them to get it within 14 days of purchase to take advantage of the “Cancel Anytime” option?⁣

⁣These are all things that can happen and you want to make sure you’ve had your participants read everything and sign a legally binding agreement saying that they understand and won’t hold you liable.⁣

⁣Terms and conditions are something that I include for my retreat leaders that not only protects myself, but them as well. Part of my job as a retreat planner is to take care of all of the planning and the administrative duties so that teachers can simply show up for their retreat and guide their participants through an incredible experience without having to worry about any of the details or missing anything small or BIG. ⁣

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