How Leading Retreats Uplevels Your Life

For many of us yoga teachers, our professional and personal lives blend into one another and directly effect each other. Because of this, I felt that becoming an international retreat leader has significantly enhanced my life as a whole.⁣ How?⁣

𝟭.) I’ve gained a new sense of confidence in myself as a teacher and also out of the classroom. To lead a group for a week and hold space for them requires you to step up, to set the tone and maintain integrity. This is a skill most people won’t have the opportunity to build upon and it absolutely shows in your interactions with people long after you return.⁣

𝟮.) I gained a new sense of independence. As a full-time teacher for 13 years, what I make and sometimes what I can teach is determined by a studio. Leading retreats gives you free rein to charge what you want and make good money to teach what and how you want. This is true freedom.⁣

𝟯.) You build trust and deeper connections with your students on a retreat. You will forever have a connection with your retreat participants that continues even after you come home. These students will want to come back to your classes, they’ll want to attend your workshops, and if they go on another retreat- chances are they’ll want to go with someone that they trust- 𝗬𝗢𝗨.⁣

𝟰.) There’s a current of excitement within me from the time I start planning a retreat all the way until I finally go on it and even after I return. In those moments of monotony in life, I always remember that I have a retreat coming up, which automatically makes me feel a renewed sense of hope and optimistic anticipation. I love having retreats to look forward to!⁣

𝟱.) Travel. 𝗜𝗬𝗞𝗬𝗞. Travel changes you, it forces you to put down the reins of controls and be more fluid and adaptable. Being in a different culture opens your eyes to new ways of being, thinking, seeing and doing. Travel is my favorite way to expand my mind and I always come back feeling like a better, more evolved version of myself. ⁣

6.) Money. Every time I lead a retreat, I make over $10k (I’ve made up to $15k). This has allowed me to pay off my bills, bulk up my savings and cut way down on my class load. This extra money has been life changing and allowed me to relax financially, which is something I never was able to do beforehand. 

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