Why Work With a Retreat Planner?

I can only speak for myself because I know that what I offer as a retreat planner is unique. Not only have I hosted successful retreats over the last 9 years, but I myself am also a yoga/fitness teacher. I understand how to create an experience for students that is conducive to wellness and healing and I know what it takes as a teacher to lead the pack. I also love taking care of the details and the administrative and logistical work that goes into planning, creating and executing a week (or weekend) to remember. ⁣

⁣I work with teachers/healers/therapists who have led retreats, want to do more, but just don’t have time or bandwidth to put one together. I also work with people who have never led a retreat in their lives and have no idea where to start. Whether they go with full-service retreat planning or one-on-one coaching, I make sure that my clients feel 100% supported along the way and have the tools to keep moving forward. ⁣

⁣I love to offer experience, responsiveness, quality communication and attention to detail for anyone who chooses to work with me. I truly love what I do and love to show others what’s possible for them.⁣  

Winging a retreat without having an experienced set of eyes on the whole thing can be disasterous. Selling your retreat on EventBrite? Yikes. Don’t have iron clad Ts and Cs? You’ll be sorry. Looking at open air accommodations deep in the jungle because they’re cheaper? You’ll definitely be sorry. And so will your students.

My passion is to steer my clients away from red flags in the right direction so not only will they feel taken care of as a host, but their participants can relax knowing that they’re supported by a planner who knows what works and what doesn’t. 

⁣Are you ready to lead your next retreat? Let’s set up a call and create an experience that will be highly comfortable and satisfying for both you and your students.


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