Why Your Retreat Isn’t Selling (…it’s not your pricing 👀)

Why Your Retreat Isn’t Selling

People will give you all sorts of reasons why they can’t come a retreat: money, work, their foot hurts, whatever…

But, it’s not the money. Or these other reasons.

✨People will go ABOVE AND BEYOND to invest in something they want or need. So if your retreat isn’t selling, it’s one of three things or a combination of them:

Sales Page: This needs to be convincing and clearly state the benefits of the retreat. You need to demonstrate that you understand your clients and their pain points (what do they stay up late at night thinking about?), you need to be able to demonstrate your authority on the situation and also HOW you can help them with their pain points. It’s important to speak to your client in their own language, not coaching lingo or therapy jargon. Talk to them like they’re your best friend.

You’re Not Meeting Their Needs: I talk about this a lot, you need to understand who you’re target audience is because once you do, you can understand what their problems are and how you can help. Your retreat cannot just be a vacation that they can plan on their own, your retreat needs to have a purpose and the purpose needs to be creating a solution/ transformation that your target audience needs.

Your Marketing Isn’t Effective: You cannot post/talk/ discuss your retreat once a month and expect it to be successful. It’s needs to be *at least* once a week (whether it be social media, your newsletters, in person). You want your retreat to have an omnipresence in the people’s lives because a lot of people will need to hear about your retreat 8,9,10 times before they realize that you even have a retreat (don’t underestimate how much goes in one ear and out the other). It’s also crucial to be creative and strategic with your early bird specials and sign up incentives AND make sure that people know about them.

✨Are you ready to take your offerings to the next level?


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