Your Packing List 🧳

Sending out a packing list is one of the most important ways to prepare your retreat participants for their upcoming trip.⁣

This goes beyond telling people to bring pants and sunscreen. There are plenty of items that people would not usually think of that will make them feel more at ease during their travels.⁣

Here are some items that people will be glad you reminded them to bring:⁣

▪️snacks (ever had hangry yogis trying to practice yoga before breakfast is served?)⁣

▪️portable battery chargers (your phone most likely will get drained after a day of traveling)⁣

▪️a day bag⁣

▪️portable water pouch⁣

▪️microfiber towels (especially if you’re going somewhere hot!)⁣

▪️make extra copies of passport, vax cards, etc⁣

▪️a headlamp⁣

These are just some common forgotten items that can make a big difference when traveling. It’s important to keep in mind that people on your retreat may not travel very often so being as specific as possible with your packing list can go a long way in helping to prepare them.⁣

Part of my full service retreat planning is to make sure that your students (and you!) are as prepared as possible for your upcoming adventure. Helping teachers design and create well-planned and meaningful experiences for their participants is the thing that I love most and I can’t wait to help you make your next retreat a reality.

Set up a free consultation call with me and see how easy and stress-free it can be for you (and your students!).


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