Your Retreat Is a Stepping Stone

While leading a retreat is an incredible experience as a whole, it’s not the “be-all and end-all” of your career, in fact it is a huge opportunity to funnel your clients to your next offerings. ⁣

It is possible to make as much or more from your follow up offerings than from your retreat itself, which is saying something because you should be making AT LEAST $10k from your retreat. ⁣

And no, leading retreats is not just about making a profit (though I think we can admit that’s nice) but it’s our duty to continue supporting our clients after an amazing and impactful retreat rather than just leaving them to reintegrate on their own.⁣

Here’s some way that you can upsell your retreat offerings: ⁣
▪️offering 30-60 minute privates during your retreat⁣
▪️offering VIP sessions on location 1-2 days after the retreat ends⁣
▪️post-retreat coaching for the group or facilitated support group⁣
▪️offer a workshop, mini-course, bootcamp or intensive to continue the work⁣
▪️announce your next retreat or teacher training⁣
▪️high end group mastermind⁣

Your retreat is a stepping stone to the next experience and offering you have, it’s one of the many ways you can take charge of your career, your time, your money and your life. ⁣

I recently heard this quote from business coach David Neagle: “if you don’t learn how to earn money yourself, everyone else is in charge of your money” and that just feels like the Truth, doesn’t it? I absolutely LOVE leading retreats and I continue to lead them to this day, but they have and continue to be a launching pad to other business opportunities that allow me to take charge of my life.⁣

Are you ready to lead a retreat and increase your offerings? I’d love to help you make it happen. Let’s get on a call and have your retreat planned by the end of the month!


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