Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo, Mexico

The Grounded, Rooted & Connected Retreat

With Brenda Austin
February 11
- February 17, 2025

About This Retreat

Are you caught in a relentless work cycle, leaving you feeling disconnected from truly living? Are you seeking to break free from routine and embrace a life filled with purpose and fulfillment? Are you ready to rediscover your authentic self, reconnect with your true identity, and realign with your highest potential?

I understand completely. I once felt trapped in a life I didn’t choose, enduring it for others’ happiness while feeling neglected, unloved, and unappreciated. My world seemed to shrink around me until I realized the key to a brighter future lay within myself.

I found the courage to break free from societal pressures and expectations, gradually shaping a path aligned with my true essence and desires. Embracing the unknown with newfound liberation, I discovered the power of self-love and self-compassion, nurturing my inner light. This deeper connection with myself gave me the strength to redefine my existence. Through trials and tribulations, I learned that true happiness comes from honoring one’s authenticity and embracing self-discovery. Today, I stand as a testament to resilience and inner strength, knowing I can script my narrative filled with boundless possibilities and unwavering self-belief.

I have crafted a rejuvenating week designed to enhance your mood and strengthen the bond between your inner and outer selves. You are cordially invited to “The Grounded, Rooted & Connected Retreat” in Puerto Morelos, QR, Mexico, from February 11th to 17th, 2025, where each day will help you rediscover your authentic self through movement, meditation, and diverse practices. This retreat offers a unique opportunity to explore your inner self, gain clarity, and return with a fresh perspective through enriching techniques, discussions, and rituals.

Close your eyes and picture yourself in a peaceful haven, surrounded by a beautiful jungle where you can truly be yourself and receive the support you need. Each day will bring new experiences that enrich your journey in one of the most stunning places on earth. With me as your guide, you will discover inner peace through the tranquility of the Mayan culture of Mexico, returning rejuvenated, refreshed, and equipped with newfound clarity and purpose.

This retreat will offer you exactly what you need:
  • Transformation and connection with yourself

  • A tranquil environment to relax and reset

  • Feeling supported and cherished

  • Guidance towards freedom and support

  • Meeting individuals with shared experiences

  • Reconnecting and recharging

Return home more vital than when you left, equipped with new tools, insights, and heightened clarity. Uncover inner peace, balance, strength, power, healing, and the opportunity to reconnect with your inner love. Get ready to embark on the most beautiful chapter of your life.

First 3 sign ups get $500 off!

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Meet Your Retreat Leader

Brenda Austin

Brenda Austin was born an enlightened being who understands fun. It is a very cosmic expression. Soul energy is a source of inspirational light and knowledge. Brenda owns and operates Now and Zen Bodyworks, a massage therapy company, as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Shamanic Practitioner, Crystal Healer, Reiki Master, and Alchemy Sound Healer. She started to read people as she worked on them. She began to find her clients’ spots, tap into their auras and energetic fields, and discover where they had missing parts.

She started to fill in those missing parts with energy to soothe the client until they could bring it together. She applies sparkly golden cosmic energy. She can see people’s auric fields with deficits and holes. She understands that the client is the only one who can bring back their missing parts; she can soothe them and provide a connection for them to retrieve these parts, but they must do it themselves. Brenda can look at someone’s body and help them understand and reclaim the missing parts of themselves.

Brenda’s soul mission is a testament to her dedication and purpose. Her aim is to reconnect damaged auras, a task she approaches with knowledge from her past lives. This present lifetime is a culmination of years of training and human experience, deepening her understanding of humanity as a cosmic expression. This profound understanding is the key to her present soul mission, a mission that inspires and guides her every action.

She created the @thealchemistsanctuaryretreats community to help enlightened beings on their spiritual path.

Sample Schedule

  • 7-8:00am Coffee/Tea
  • 8-9:30am Morning Meditation and Workshop
  • 10-11:00am Breakfast
  • 11-1:00pm FREE TIME
  • 1-2:00pm Lunch
  • 2-6:00pm FREE TIME/Group Excursions
  • 6-7:30pm Dinner
  • 8-9:00pm Evening meditation/Reiki Healing

About The Venue

Lunita Retreat Center

Nestled in the heart of the Mexican jungle, Lunita is more than just a destination, it’s crafted with heart, soul, and a commitment to creating a space that fosters a deep connection with Pachamama, the nurturing spirit of Mother Earth.

Their core values are rooted in the profound respect for the natural world, offering a tranquil escape that stands in serene contrast to the clamor of city life.

Lunita believes in the power of nature to restore and rejuvenate the spirit, providing an intimate backdrop for retreats that inspire that celebrate love in its purest form. Each experience at Lunita is infused with the essence of local culture, honoring the vibrant heritage and the people who have nurtured this land for generations.

First 3 sign ups get $500 off

Use Code EARLY500

What’s Included

Included in the Retreat Package:
  • Six nights lodging at Lunita Jungle Retreat in Puerto Morelos, Mexico
  • Three daily chef-cooked meals
  • Daily reiki-infused meditation and workshops with Brenda
  • Local cenote excursion
  • Temazcal ceremony with local shaman
  • Beach day excursion
  • 1-hour photo shoot
  • Plant a tree ceremony
  • Shuttle service to and from Cancun airport
  • High speed WiFi
What’s NOT included:
  • Airfare to Cancun
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Tips
  • Extra Excursions
  • Laundry
  • Travel Insurance
  • Plant medicine ceremonies (optional)

Things To Keep In Mind

  • A $750 deposit is require to hold your spot
  • First 3 sign ups get $500 off (use Code EARLY500)
  • 50% of remainder is due 10/11/24
  • Final payment is due 1/11/25
  • Due to the financial responsibility of Panacea Retreats for booking and holding the retreat property, all payments are non refundable. Travel insurance is required for this retreat. If you purchase travel insurance within 14 days of booking, you can access “Cancel Anytime” coverage (Travelguard, Squaremouth, Tinleg and Good Allianz are good options).
  • Passport must be valid for 6 months beyond arrival date
  • Fly into Cancun airport ideally by 3pm
  • Currently, there are no COVID requirements to enter Mexico or the United States (for US citizens)
    Please reach out to Erin at erin@panacearetreats.co with any additional questions.


Pick and choose your preferred room below. All rooms have private bathrooms, fans, in-room safe, and private garden. Pricing includes lodging, three meals a day, airport transfers, daily meditation and workshops, and excursions. We will do our best to place you with a suitable roommate, if you’re looking for one. If we’re unable to find one, you’ll be placed in a single room accommodation.

Prices are all *PER PERSON*

Single Room (for 1)


$3075 for first 3 sign ups

Rooms are spacious and include a cozy Queen-sized bed (an additional Full-sized bed can be added). They are each tastefully decorated with a small personal garden, generous windows and immersive jungle views.

Includes: Fan, WIFI, ensuite bathrooms, toiletries and an in-room safe.

Shared Room (For 2)


$2625pp for first 3 sign ups

Rooms are spacious and include a cozy Queen-sized bed (an additional Full-sized bed can be added). They are each tastefully decorated with a small personal garden, generous windows and immersive jungle views.

Includes: Fan, WIFI, ensuite bathrooms, toiletries and an in-room safe.

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